What We Do

Distribution Packaging


Promark distributes food items, wine and spirits throughout the State of Illinois. Our customers include grocery stores, liquor stores and restaurants. Our strength is in our ability to distribute the food items and alcoholic beverages for much less than other distributors in Illinois without compromising a high service level. This distribution service allows our customers to be more competitive on the shelf.


Promark imports food, wine and spirits from all over the world. We have the expertise to expedite the logistical process in bringing your goods to Illinois. Today, importing food or alcoholic beverages can be a challenge arranging ocean carriers, clearing customs and trucking to your final destination. We can assist you in the process from overseas to Illinois.


Promark has 3 locations in Naperville, IL. All 3 locations are temperature controlled to help ensure the quality of your items remains intact while in our warehouse. Our warehouses are fully insured and under constant surveillance. You will find our storage rates to be far less than our competitors for both food and beverages.


Headquarter Calls

Promark can assist our suppliers with headquarter calls at the major retailers throughout Illinois.

Want to gain a competitive edge on your competition? Partner with Promark and we’ll work close with you on an ongoing basis to establish a brand and identity that helps you stand above the rest.

Brand Management

Promark can help you manage your brands with over 45 years of experience in developing labels and building marketing strategies for the Midwest.

Some of Chicago’s greatest figures have partnered with Promark throughout the years. Trust the company that helped build Mike Ditka’s wine and food brands into Chicago staples.

Tasting / Promotional Programs

Promark has a sister company by the name of ON THE MARK DEMOS. We conduct both on and off premise tasting events to help build your brand. On The Mark Demos is also a 3rd Party Marketing Company licensed to reconcile scan data and coupon redemption.

Choose the #1 Tasting and Promotional events company in Illinois.



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